Thursday, February 03, 2011

dear 2011, what have i been doing?

well to answer that...there's been a whole lot i've been doing i feel like. but then again, most of the time i feel like i have been doing a whole lot of nothing. at least i can say that i have two jobs now again. i work at the daycare center during the day and on the weekends (sometimes weekdays) i work at the bistro downtown.

i just got moved over to the bistro (main street bistro that is!) for weekends and can i just tell you my life has instantly become so much better? i am so happy over there! i love every single person i work with and i get to dress more of my style. im not saying that wearing cocktail dresses every weekend wasn't my style...that was fun. at bistro though, i get to play around with what im wearing a little more and i get to be more casual. so if you're ever out and about come see me :]

as for whats new...well i'll make a list !
1. my best friend sabra moved in with me for the month. that has been so much fun.
2. i think i may go visit vegas in april for my birthday.
3. i have watched season 1-3 of its always sunny in philadelphia and i am currently saving up to get seasons 5 and 6.
4. i still don't have a boyfriend but what else is new.
5. i have only received 5 parking tickets in 2011!
6. i worked out once this year. this sounds like nothing BUT for me...its a big deal.
7. i may have figured out what i will be doing with myself next year.
8. i finally starting thinking seriously about what i want to do with my life...i think i finally figured it out.
9. thats really all i can think of :]

anyways. whats new with everyone else? is everyone sticking to their resolutions? i'll be honest...i haven't stuck with mine at all. :/ buttttt tomorrow is always a new day which is why im going to start being healthy tomorrow! im so excited to feel good inside and out, physically and mentally. Being healthy will really help me with that. my cousin annie gave me some great advice on eating well so i can have a better body, a healthier body, and i can feel one hundred percent more confident. i can't wait to start. now i just gotta stick to it.

i hope everyone has been doing fabulously :]

ps here's some photos i found that i just happen to randomly really like ! [especially the alexander mcqueen dress!!!!]

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