Sunday, February 27, 2011

roadtrip fever

i really, really, really am in desperate need of a road trip. ive got the fever for it. the only thing i can think of to give me a little taste of a road trip i so desperately desire, is a little trek to my old home of colorado.

i believe ill be going march 13th and i can come home at any time i want (before the 25th) so theres really no limit on how long i can stay :) (well minus having to be home before the 25th) anyways. ill be going by myself and yes this will be so wonderful BUT the kind of road trip i am craving right this minute will include (and not be limited to):

1. sleepovers in multiple hotels.
2. crossing no less than five state lines.
3. pictures in front of each "WELCOME" and "YOU ARE NOW LEAVING" sign.
4. stops at restaurants and little sight seeing places.
5. endless photos taken of everywhere i go to document the entire trip.

the road trip i so need is not going to be one where we take the least amount of rests possible. no way. i want the whole package. the whole enchilada. every part of a fun road trip that you can imagine. i want it to take at least three or four days to get to my destination and at least three or four days to come back. how amazing would this be? guess i better start saving up right? :)

count me in for a roadtrip like this for the summer. maybe i will drive to new york city. thatd help me cross about 239472089 state lines! but then thatd mean i'd only get to stay in the city and go to the jersey shore and visit family for a few days before i have to head back. we'll see though. ive got a few ideas as to where i could go.

does anyone have any ideas as to places i should go? hmm...

well i hope you all are having a beautiful start to your week!

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  1. I'm really worried about your math for the sate lines you'll may want to check that before you head out...


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