Thursday, April 21, 2011

well i am now a twenty-two year old

and that feels really weird to say. i literally feel like it was yesterday that i turned twenty-one and went to my birthday dinner at old chicago with my friends. i can tell you right now that i will probably be saying the same thing next year too.

it just feels so weird to me. i feel old. haha. that sounds so ridiculous but i really feel like im ... well that im old! im sure all of you people who are older than me are thinking "she is so absolutely nuts for thinking that." buttt thats just how i feel. im sure in a few days ill feel a little better about it.

anyways, this year i put together a list of things i want to accomplish and goals i have set for myself to achieve before i turn twenty three. i have three hundred sixty three days to do everything i came up with. its always nice to write your goals list down so that you can look back and be reminded of it.

being twenty-two list:
1. workout at least two times a week.
2. attend a yoga class at least one time a week.
3. be more frugal with my money by not eating out as much.
4. get to my ideal weight and maintain a healthy body image.
5. make sure i write at least four blogs a week.
6. find cupcake recipes to make that i love.
7. start developing my wedding planning business.
8. become a supervisor at sprinkles.
9. learn to love myself more so someone else can love me too.
10. learn more about fashion and the designer world.
11. pay off all my debt.
12. start a missions where i make one random person smile everyday
 and keep track of it in my blog
13. buy myself a macbook.
14. start saving up for a new car.
15. make new and more friends.
16. really push myself to go out and do new things.
17. start doing more DIY projects.
18. take more pictures.
19. really, truly take care of myself.
20. find more positives among the negatives.
21. better myself by learning to let go and be more patient with 
people and situations.
22. become more well-rounded by becoming more knowledgeable about current
events and different events in history.
23. start getting my nails done (part of taking care of myself)
i always feel better with pretty nails!
24. start school.
25. volunteer somewhere.
26. write letters to people.
27. smile more.
28. go see some movies by myself. do more things by myself in general.
29. keep in touch with my family more.
30. buy a canon rebel xs.
31. go to nyc

hopefully i can do all these things !! wish me luck. 
also to everyone who thought of me and took the time to wish me a happy birthday, i just want to say thank you very much. i am blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life. thank you.

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