Tuesday, April 19, 2011

little apartment !!

so i got an apartment here in tempe. i have so many things i want to do with it. its cute and perfect for me. my kitchen has an opening in the wall by the sink so you can see into the living room. i have a walk in closet. i also have a huge hallway closet (you know just in case i cant fit all my clothes/shoes into my regular closet. for now i just keep my art supplies in there. i have a nice patio too. its lovely. ALSO guess what? we are allowed to paint. i am so excited to actually get some money and paint my place. i have a lot of ideas for it.

you know what else i am excited about? im excited to do some projects and crafts. ive already come up with a few ideas for things that i can make and do and create and i am just so happy and ecstatic. i will definitely be sharing those with you as soon as i start making them.

but for now, i hope you can kind of see what my apartment looks like. the pictures arent the best quality, but i dont have a camera yet. ive been using my little iphone which works for now but once i get a camera, obviously i will be uploading those pictures for your curiosity satisfaction. oh and i dont have a lot of furniture...basically i have a bed. dont judge. :) in the last photo you will see two cats on the stairs of my apartment. there are about six of these cats and they just run around and wait for you to give them food. they're adorable. i haven't given them food though. im afraid theyre going to have rabies or something. they probably dont butttt you never know!

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