Thursday, November 01, 2012

life updates.

i thought id come by and give everyone an update on my life and what i have been up to.

i currently live in denver, colorado. i moved here on july 21st.
i went to boston, new jersey, and new york city (post coming soon) from july 24-august 7th.
i took a small trip to coeur d'alene and met a wonderful person and got to visit my best friend.
(has anyone ever realized how beautiful north idaho is? coeur d'alene was such a cute, gorgeous little town.)
my sister rylee came to visit me. she paid for her own ticket and everything.
i nanny for the cutest little five month old baby named alivia.
i saw beach house play at the boulder theatre.
i learned how to fishtail braid thanks to my wonderful roommate.
i also taught myself to do a crown braid.
i fell in love with bold lipsticks.

so not too much is new. last i did an entry though, i was still living in idaho, so i figured it was about time to say hi. i hope everyone has been doing well, especially as we're getting into the holiday season. can you believe how close thanksgiving and christmas are? yay!

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