Sunday, March 20, 2011

a little style twin...

dear sister rylee,

you are so adorable and cute. i am so proud that i am your sister :)
i also love that you are dressed in black and white polka dots, a pink bow in your hair, and that your dress has a bubble hem. it makes me so very very happy! if you would please let me take you shopping for spring/summer clothes i would be the happiest sister in the world. you see, i don't think it'd be very hard to find cute things because you and i, well we seem to have matching tastes (as shown by these darling pictures).

also i just want to add that i dont ever want you to forget how amazingly talented you are. i gave up playing the piano because i didnt want to practice anymore. please dont ever do that. i look back all the time and am so sad with my decision because if i stuck with it i could have been absoultely incredible. YOU ARE absolutely incredible so dont ever let that go.

i love you.

love, kaileigh elizabeth.

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