Tuesday, March 08, 2011

terrific & terrible tuesday

okay so confession: today is not terrible! nor is it terrific. they both just started with t's, just like tuesday. if i had to rank today i would rank it at a little bit lower than a mediocre level. the past few days have been rough, but no, they havent been as bad as when i felt the worst id ever felt in my life on friday afternoon. that was probably the lowest and worst ive felt in a while :/ slowly but surely though it seems to be getting better.

i just want to make it known though that i am THANKFUL that even though its been improving at a very slow rate...that its still improving. does that make sense? i hope so. anyways. i want to take my mind off a few things today. ive put together a few fashion collages of things i am adoring right now. i hope you enjoy.

also can we all just note how beautiful mila kunis looks in the new "W" issue for march?

"just living is not enough," said the little butterfly. "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." 
-hans christian anderson

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