Friday, March 11, 2011

can anyone guess where im considering moving :)

these two are the top options on my list of places to move. its warm all the time, sunny all the time, and no one has a blog based out of this place. ive been there once before with my best friend jaemi and i fell in love with it. i have a couple of friends in both places already and i honestly, deep down in my heart, feel like either of these would be such an amazing fit for me, as well as an incredible adventure.

wouldn't you love to pick up and start all over and get a fresh start? i mean...i don't even have the first idea about either of these places as far as shopping, restaurants, the road system, or anything of that sort. thats kind of the fun part of it though, right?

im thinking of this place for my own personal reasons. im not doing it for anyone but myself. i need out of idaho. out of boise. i know that wherever you go, you will most likely know somebody on the street, somehow, in someway, after you have lived there for a bit, but I JUST DONT WANT IT TO BE LIKE BOISE. i could walk around and pick out somebody i see and be connected to them in some way. its ridiculous. i want to go some place where i can show people who i am without them having heard or seen something or knowing things about me (whether theyre negative or positive!). i want to be myself and have people form their own opinions of me in the very beginning of me moving there, based on what i have shown them. so this is why i want to be somewhere where i hardly know anyone. it will push me to go out and make new friends, meet new people, find new experiences, and grow so much as a person and as a woman. i cannot wait. i need to make this happen. i have to make this happen. no excuses this time

if you think you know where  either of these are and you have any advice about living here PLEASE leave me some of your feedback. it will be very much appreciated.

option one


option two


  1. Phoenix! Go for it girl, do whatever is going to make you happy! Ultimately that's what matters the most :)

  2. Oh my gosh, if you moved to Phoenix that would be awesome. Kaden might go to school there and Chaz and I visit at least once or twice a year cuz that's where his family lives. Fun!


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