Sunday, March 06, 2011

dear mom,

well hello...this weekend has been...hard, to say the least. ive had lots of things happen that i didnt expect but i know that everything has happened for the best. ive cried a lot and been extremely sad and thank goodness that this person has constantly been there for me.

my mom.

she has been so supportive and amazing to me these past few days. she has shown me unconditional, irreplaceable love. she has just been a wonderful mom. all the times i have mistreated her make me so sad to think about now because when i have needed her most ... she has been there. no questions asked. she put our bad memories aside and has helped me to face a lot of hardships this weekend. 

she has helped me to see that i have a gift that i need to share with people. she has showed me that i need to get out of boise, and start figuring out how to find more of myself. she has shown me that i need to regain focus in my life, and learn how to be happy. she has helped me to see that i need to start believing in myself and learn how to love myself and respect myself. these next few weeks and months im going to need all the support i can get and i am so thankful that i have her right by my side. no words can express my gratitude and appreciation for the mother i have. i love her with all my heart. thank you for all you have done for me. 

i love you mom.

 [the first photo is of her and my aunt.]
[the fourth photo is of my mom with her boyfriend, tim. he makes her really, really happy.]


  1. What a wonderful gift to realize this now :) Your mom is one of the BEST people I know. You are SO amazingly lucky to have her in your life...let alone as your mom. It takes a lot, whether you are a friend or family to be there no matter what to support and help someone you love. Keep these thoughts close to your heart...LOVE YOU KALEIGH XOXO Teresa

  2. Teresa is right... you've got a great mama! I am lucky to have her as an aunt. I'm keepin you in my prayers, Kail... I hope things work out for you.
    Lots of love!

  3. oh... I am so glad I clicked on this... but you're mom is right. and My mom was right when she told me to do the exact same thing even when I didnt want to. I've been there and am happy to listen, you are such a doll!
    _Sundae Leah


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