Tuesday, September 29, 2009

falling asleep to pictures of cute things

im so very tired today. i haven't been sleeping whatsoever. i owe this to the fact that i have been sick for the past week and a half. swine flu maybe? im guessing so. but im getting better so thats a plus...anyways i haven't been much a sleeper the past few years. its just hard for me to get into the really deep sleep where hardly anything wakes you up. the kind where you're sleeping so soundly that if a fire alarm were to go off you probably would be stuck inside because you don't hear it go off. haha. so hopefully tonight i can get a little better night's sleep. i took some sleeping medicine so cross your fingers im not a hopeless [and sleepless] case!

anyways as i was playing on here just now i came across the cutest website:
this is the one of the most adorable things i've seen. it just makes me want a kitty so badly!!!

welll im off to bed. im about to fall asleep with the computer open and i would rather turn on "the corpse bride" and finish watching that :] night lovely dearests! here are some cute things to look at.

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