Tuesday, September 01, 2009

armistice-happy september honey bees.

happy september everyone :)
oh how i love the fall season. what i don't understand is why the weather is supposed to reach 100 degrees again this week! i am so ready for fall weather. i am so ready for the 60's and 70's, breezes blowing, leaves changing, the feel of fall. oh i can't wait because guess what is after fall? CHRISTMAS! my favorite holiday and season of the year. holiday season that is.
my favorite season is autumn season though.

i love absolutely everything about fall. i can't wait to be in fort collins when the trees turn from green to yellow, orange, and red. i can't wait for rain. i can't wait the entire feel of it all.

things i love about fall:
-the smell of the leaves.

-the beautiful colors of the leaves, the trees, the sunsets.
-chai tea.
-lattes, lattes, lattes.

-the smell of school pencils.
-taking notes at school.
-sweaters and cardigans.

-pea coats

-early morning reading outside with a blanket.
-raking leaves.
-riding a bike outside.

-the fall weather breezes.
-pumpkin spice!
-holiday decorations coming out in the stores.
-halloween candy :)


-the fall lineup for new shows on tv!


oh my goodness i absolutely cannot wait for fall to officially start. this week needs to end so that the cool weather can come in.

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