Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fences - $140 million dollars could get me...

today one of my best friend's katie and i were talking about winning the lottery. she wrote me this elaborate five page text about what she would do if she won, so i said i would make a list of all the things i would do if i won the lottery. where i live i have seen the lottery be $140 million dollars before. so for my list i will do it based on if i won $140 million dollars.

With $140 million dollars i would:
1. buy my mom a new house, myself a loft in new york city, la, seattle, denver, and a house in boise.
2. buy my big sister a loft in seattle, new york city, and denver.
3. get my big sister's boyfriend signed to a record label.
4. buy my mom, big sister, dani, aunt skye, grandma, jaime, madeline, and myself new cars.
5. pay off my debt, my mom's debt, and my aunt skye's debt.
6. buy unlimited lifetime passes to disneyland and disneyworld.
7. oh i would also buy a place in london and paris.
8. maybe buy myself an airplane.
9. give $25 million dollars to a charity.
10. go shopping.
11. buy a zoo.
12. start a cupcake shop.
13. open a book store.
14. open my wedding planning business.
15. start a fashion line.
16. there's too many options.

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