Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the little tree ive been dying to show all of you :]

finally finally finally i got my tree up! im so excited because its so cute. i didn't know what theme i wanted for it, because i think all trees should have some sort of theme so its not a jumbled mixture...sometimes that can look cute though. one day all of a sudden though it hit me...MINNIE MOUSE! how could this not have occured to me before? so as soon as it did, i got to work on ideas, and went out and bought decorations.

for the cutest minnie mouse tree ever:
1. white lights
2. red ornaments.
3. white ornaments.
4. hearts.
5. dark pink ornaments.
6. white ribbon.
7. red and white polka dot bow tree topper.

now, i made my own tree topper. im sure online you can buy one but i thought it would be neat if i did my own. it took me a while to do because i had to cut out the shape and make sure it looked perfect. then i glued it all together. cut out the white circles *i had to do this multiple times to to achieve the perfect size dot* and then i glued those on. then i cut all the extra edges off. after this i drew on the lines where the creases would be in the bow. next i put black glitter on the edges, and lines. afterwards, red glitter was sprinkled all over (except for on the white...obviously!). for the white cirlces i took this white shimmer powder and dusted that on top. i didnt want it to be too over the top glittery. 

anyways i think my tree turned out beautiful. im really happy with it and i know that i can keep it for years to come and be able to add cute things to it too! 

as well as putting up my tree i also cute out about twenty or more snowflakes by hand. yes im talking the kind that you make in elementary school or also the kind that buddy the elf makes and hangs all over gimbel's in the movie ELF! id like to think that i am a little more skilled than i was in 2nd grade. i think they turned out really neat! i used clear fishing wire to hang them up. i strung a clear line of fishing wire from one wall to another and then i tied the snowflakes on (they were attached to clear fishing wire as well) so that they were all different heights. 

unfortunately because im only 5'3'' i couldn't reach very high on the walls to hang up the wire (and yes i have heard of a ladder but i dont have one!). so if you come over to my house and are taller than me please make sure to duck! we don't need anyone getting clotheslined. :)

also i added a picture of me in my minnie house sweatshirt last year. i got a minnie mouse long sleeve tee yesterday from my best friend brie! i can't wait to take a picture wearing it !!!



(if you want to see any of the pictures on here in a bigger format just click on them!)

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