Thursday, December 09, 2010

stumbled upon this amazing diy blog :]

good morning sunshines :] has anyone ever seen this blog?! it is so absolutely cute. if you've never seen it i recommend clicking here to get a better insight as to what its all about. every single little idea of her's i adore! she has so many diy projects and ideas. her online store is so amazing and i really hope to go visit her real store someday. maybe i will even open up something like this in a few years. wouldn't that be amazing? anyways. i just absolutely love her page. from all of the homemade crafts, to little recommendations, or her lists of things that she cute. it really helps give me a better focus for my blog as well.
anyways she has a blog course that she made online. its only $35 and i really, really would love it for christmas! if anyone would be so kind as to get it for me i would love you forever! it really gives amazing advice (from what i can see on the preview) as to create the best blog possible that has voice, originality, and focus. so there's an idea for what i want for christmas for anyone willing to get it for me ! the end !


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