Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the ladybug blog

so, as it seems, i have become a little tired of this blog. i love it, yes, but i decided to start a new one entitled "the ladybug blog." its going to be a little more me, a little more fashion, a little more beauty/makeup...basically a fashion magazine with my life thrown in there.  so i guess you could say a magazine, and i am always on the cover ;) anyways. i am really excited about it. i just feel like its gotten so hard to keep with this one. and because ive made this to be basically "here's what im doing today. here's what i did yesterday." and so on and so forth, its just become really difficult to manage, especially since i don't have a computer where im living.

anyways. i hope (crossing my fingers) that this new blog takes off. i think it will. it took me two years to even get seventy followers on this one, so i suppose i can't just expect success over night. but to any of my avid, wonderful followers, i'd like to personally thank you for support! please head over to "the ladybug blog" and become a follower over there. who knows, you may just like it even more than this one...and im sure you will :)

xoox minnie kaileigh

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