Thursday, August 25, 2011

lunch with rachel (circa july 2011)

about a billion years ago, i went to boise to visit my family and friends. okay it was only a month ago, and now im actually back in boise right now, but i haven't been able to update my blog in so long that it actually feels like its been quite some time since ive been home. sorry for the lack of updating. not having a computer or internet in arizona is hard.

while i was in boise i was so lucky to be able to see my beautiful friend (who i consider a sister to me) rachel and her little boy gavin. he is the best nephew a girl could ask for.  it totally makes me want a baby.  i mean okay, yes i can definitely wait a few years and i surely do not mind admiring everyone else's babies while i wait, but he is just so darn cute! and she is the greatest mom i may have ever laid eyes on. i love both of them very much. oh and on our little lunch date, we went to the brick oven bistro which is is our place to venture when we go on our said lunch dates.

p.s. if i can be half the mom rachel is someday, i'd be one very proud, happy mama.

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