Friday, June 17, 2011

cute craft ideas to tickle your fancy

so after gawking at some crafts on one of my favorite websites i decided to share some cute ideas i saw.
some of them will be followed by pictures and some of them won't but i just thought i'd put up the cute ideas i saw anyways:

1. coffee stencils made out of pringles lids.
-you know how when you get a cute latte, mocha, hot chocolate, etc., and it has a cute little design on top? you can make your own at home out of a pringles lid! just find a design you like, trace it on top of the lid, cut it out, and wah lah! STENCIL! then shake your cinnamon, cocoa, whatever you desire on top of your drink, and wah lah! COFFEE STENCIL !

2. rolodex scrapbook
-making a scrapbook out of rolodex cards using just about anything and everything to remember your little memories. how cute is this idea. whoever created this thing is a genius. i know that this idea would help me if i ever needed a pick me up if i were missing something because all i would have to do is go over to my counter that my rolodex was on and flip through little index card memories to feel better.

3. toilet paper tube animals
-the website was all in spanish, and maybe you can read spanish but i know that personally i cannot. maybe someday, but for now im going to use common sense and say that they just pushe the top downs to create the little ears? then painted the tube. maybe it was the other way around. either way im sure it doesn't matter, as long as it gets painted. unless you have a steady hand with painting, i would suggest using a sharpie to draw the darker details like the face, whiskers, feathers, etc. how darling are these though!

4. button magnets
-self explanitory really. but its such a cute idea. get some cute buttons, cut out magnets the size of the button, glue the magnet on to the button, and there you have a cute little button with a magnet button! LOVE IT.

-i made these with my daycare kids one time for mother's day. they turned into flowers and they painted flower pots to put them in. they turned out a little different because i didnt round the edges. you can visit the site for full directions. i want these in my room above my bed!

-okay this isn't a craft but how could i resist adding this? this lady has recipes for candy and homemade goodies that look quite delicious. when i try them i will let you know! YUM!

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