Wednesday, June 08, 2011

our very own gryffindor common room

we made our own common room last night. yes you read that correctly. kylie and i made our very own gryffindor common room last night. you see...i put the sorting hat on and was sorted into GRYFFINDOR. (really people, did you you expect anything less?)

and i thought (out loud of course) "KYLIE we HAVE to make a common room somehow!!" so, we created a fort in the living room.

and yes it was amazing. and no im not pouting. then we decided to try on our invisibility cloaks that obviously worked because you definitely CANNOT see us in the next two photos despite our best efforts to make us known that we are in fact extremely visible.
also kylie forgot that it wasn't july, the month in which christmas is sometimes celebrated, but mostly the month in which we celebrate our fellow classmate harry potter's birthday...

after all of this documentation of our amazingness we decided to take a best friend picture and get back to studying our spells. our owls are coming up. duh. THE END.


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  1. couldn't have said it better myself bff!! good luck on your OWLS! <3


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