Friday, June 17, 2011

ive been absent, excuse me please

so very sorry. june seems to have been slipping right through my fingers. the middle of the month already? seriously. its actually nearing the end of the month considering its now on the latter part of the middle of the month. lets see far as what ive been up to...

1. ive been able to lay out! three time (all on my days off that ive had the past week and a half.) thats been so nice. and so ive gotten myself some nice color. i was beginning to wonder if i lived in the north pole and not arizona.
2. ive been eating pretty well and finally have been seeing results. so excited about that.
3. i fixed my car. all on my own. i mean i didn't personally fix my car. but i paid for it by myself and i felt very good about that.
4. i worked. obvs. thats a given though. so thats not something exciting to update you on.
5. i went to CHURCH! it was such a great service. i haven't gone in over two years and i am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, so i know that that night was meant for me because the message spoke to me in ways that i can't even begin to tell you.
6. talked to my grandma in boise on the phone.
7. talked to my grandma in new jersey, who's visiting in boise on the phone. that felt disappointing because im not in boise to see her. i miss her. she is wonderful.
8. gave myself a pedicure. it looks so cute!
9.  went out with some friends and met some new people.
10. checked my mail and got a huge pile of it out of the mail box thing at the apartment mail room. (yes i put this on the list because i NEVER check my mail.)

11. oh and i got a kitten ring tone. its cute. this definitely should make the list.


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  1. Very fun! Sounds like you are enjoying Arizona! Love you!


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