Wednesday, June 01, 2011

a thousand umbrellas

id like to own a thousand umbrellas. wouldn't that be neat? i mean, maybe not a thousand but at least ten. i just saw my background on my twitter page and realized how adorable they really are. im looking at umbrellas online right now and i had no idea they were so many different styles and types. how cute would it be if your job were to be an "umbrella designer." i think someone who was extremely adorable with good style would be perfect for that job. they must have a plethora of umbrellas at their house too.

i think people only believe umbrellas are for the rain. ive seen a few people here in arizona though, that have umbrellas to block the sunshine! im sure some people think they are just crazy for blocking the sunshine, but when it gets super hot here i can definitely understand why umbrellas are a necessity for that purpose. i prefer however, to have an umbrella to cease the rain from landing on my head. i love the rain, i do. but i don't love bad hair days, and i dont love rain adding to bad hair days. and i especially dont love rain ENDING a GREAT hair day.

so this fall i have decided i will be acquiring an unnecessary amount of umbrellas.


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