Tuesday, June 07, 2011

inspiring and/or lovely blogs

sometimes, looking at other peoples blogs can be so inspiring. i have definitely come across one or two that i read weekly (if not daily) and have left me so inspired to want to be a better person. especially lately since i have been feeling so lost...its just been nice to read blogs about people who have wonderful, simple lives in which they've found happiness. theres also some blogs that i love to look at because they are just fun, or cute, or just directed more towards my interest.

so for your viewing pleasure here are some reads that i just absolutely adore:

{the inspiring one i love filled with washington dc, nyc, bulldog, a baby, and husband!}

{for a dose of happiness written by my cousin}

{for a dose of personal fashion by a pretty girl}

{a cute family and her style and vintage shop}

{fashion, crafts, and pretty little things to feast your eyes on}

6. my cup of tea
{my bff's cute blog. she is cute and so funny!}



  1. you're so sweet! bleubird & rockstar diaries are two of my favorites! xo

  2. woohoo! i got a shout out! :) i better not be so delinquent with blogging now!


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