Tuesday, April 03, 2012

the art of teaching preschool

okay, so there is definitely an art to teaching preschool.  im not sure the secret on how to be a great preschool teacher, but all i know is that i love it and my kids loved my class too! i love the little kiddies and i absolutely adore teaching. here's a little insight into the wonderful days i had teaching preschool!

in some of the first photos you can see that there are some art projects that we did! there is also a birthday wall too that has foxes all over it.  why foxes? well because...i named my classroom "the fabulous foxes" of course. as for the art projects, that week was "m" week and so we made monsters, mustaches, and mardi gras m's. so cute! they had so much fun making them :)

also, ive included my favorite little baby in the entire daycare in these photos. her name is lyla. she is one year old and my goodness is she the cutest thing i have EVER seen. she is just so darling!

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