Friday, April 06, 2012

EEP my birthday...

as you may know, i am a big, huge, ginormous fan of birthdays, especially my own. i mean, who doesn't like their birthday? sure, there are quite possibly some mister grumpy gills out there who are just negative nancy's and dont like their birthday...but me? NO WAY! its the best day of the year besides christmas! one day that is all about you? YES AND PLEASE!

my birthday is in thirteen days !! APRIL19th to be exact. i am REALLY hoping this birthday can top last years. last years was my favorite birthday of my life.  i have absolutely no idea what i am going to do for it though. nothing too extravagant. i think dinner with some friends, and going out after may be in order? we shall see, and you can bet i will be keeping everyone posted.

im not even quite sure what i want for my birthday this year. is there an age where you're just too old to receive presents? i obviously do not think so.  im thinking i need to put a wishlist together.  be on the lookout for one soon.

if you have any ideas for birthday party ideas let me know. id love to have some input.

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