Wednesday, April 04, 2012

who hasn't written about this?

seriously though, who has not written about their obsession with pinterest. or at least their love for it. mine may lean towards more of an addiction. ill be the first to admit it! but that's the first step isn't it? admitting the problem? except that i don't think its that much of a problem.

today, i have decided to go through all of my clothes and figure out what i want and do not want. i have so much to get rid of and its going to feel so good once my wardrobe is cleansed! how does pinterest come into play with this? well, ive created this dream wardrobe on pinterest. a lot of my clothes i don't even love anymore. why keep things, why clutter your space, why even clutter your mind with things you do not love? its a simple question! and the answer is ... there is no reason to do so. im so excited to finally just have pieces of clothing that i just love and start filling it with articles of clothing that i absolutely adore.

my mom calls me a bit of a clothes hoarder, and id quite like to agree. so today, im going to face my hoarding problem head on! ill be selling my clothes to my little sisters (no i won't make my little sisters pay for them...just my mom) but i need the money! im helping her out because shes not paying full price for some great items, and she's helping me out because i really need a small bit of income right now. yay!

here's some pieces im completely inspired by this spring:

the things i am most inspired by and passionate about for spring and summer:
ivory & mint & red
bold and bright lipsticks
colored skinny jeans
beautiful bold shoes
polka dots
simple tees
headbands and bandanas
oversized button ups 
big rings that make my fingers click clack 
cut off denims
flowy tops
gorgeous solid nail polish colors
colored blazers

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