Tuesday, April 03, 2012

new friends//new fun

i spent a majority of february making new friends and spending time with my dear loves that i can never get enough of.  can i just tell you it was so fun?  i got to go on a few dates which were fantastic and got to know people who were wonderful as well. cheers to friends :)

-new friend v and myself
-candy because i obviously LOVE candy. there were so many choices! i was so overwhelmed! eep!
-coffee with one of my best friends christine. we call her cricky. she is lovely. that day we enjoyed tea at rembrandts coffee house, which is my favorite place in all of boise quite possibly.
-rachel won bunko so she obviously had to wear the crazy hat at bunko night with all the daycare ladies! we have that once a month.
-most delicious glass of wine ever courtesy of sterling at the restaurant he works at (R&R Public House). the food there is delicious! such great salads, grilled asparagus, spicy tomato soup, and hamburgers. their beer and wine selection is amazing as well. mmm!
-mimosas and breakfast also courtesy of sterling at goldy's.  we went with his friend jared who, i may add, looks like he could be mario lopez' little brother. goldy's is this cute little breakfast place in downtown boise. i love it. the inside of the place is amazing.
-i made dinner for sterling one night (in the next four pictures). I made cappelini pomodoro all by myself. It was delicious, but i could have used a smidge more garlic. such a fun night!

all in all, I love making new friends and meeting new people. the end.

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