Tuesday, April 03, 2012

life according to my iphone lately

baby gavin !! (thats one of my best friend's rachel's son). he is SO adorable its unbelievable. he will be one in two weeks. i can't believe how fast time has gone by this year and im not even his mom! i must say that i am a very proud auntie though.

also i have pictures of myself with my little sister addison. she is adopted from china. she is so cute and smart. we went to a hockey game with my dad that night (he's in one of the pictures as well). at the hockey game we decided to have a little sisterly photoshoot. there were about a billion more pictures of just us but i love the ones i put up the most.

then there is baby lyla.

at last but not least, my small weekend getaway to utah. my cousin annie and i went to this little luncheon lodge place while everyone else went sledding. we were just too cold to be outside!


  1. Oh come on! We've had the discussion about leaving Rob out! Sheesh lady he's your relation! And yes I used a lot of !!!!! On purpose!

    1. His pictures aren't on my iphone anymore!!! these were the ones i had saved to my iphoto !!!! don't worry. ill get them off fb and put them up :) and ps why are you not following my blog by now?!!?!?!


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