Tuesday, April 03, 2012

hello spring. hello friends.

welp!  my new years resolution of writing a post every single day or at least four times a week has been shot down. oops. ive been so busy and to be quite honest (no judging please) pinterest has really been consuming a large part of my life. woopsies!! i mean lets be real here, i haven't been spending my entire days on pinterest.  that would be absolutely...well an addiction is what it would be called. it has definitely been taking up quite a bit of my relaxation, down time.

so many changes have happened since i last wrote. let's see there was...christmas, valentine's day, president's day, st. patrick's day.  i suppose holidays aren't changes! but it shows how long i have sadly neglected this blog. besides calendar changes though, ill give you a little update as to what ive been up to.

1. christmas - i had an amazing christmas this year! i even got hermione's wand.  that was my favorite present. not to mention, i had such a wonderful time spent with my family. i love them so very much.

2. i had the opportunity to make new friendships and mend old ones.

3. my grandma almost passed away. it was the scariest experience of my life, but it taught me a lot about how important and meaningful family is. i am so blessed to have someone like my grammie in my life. she is a beautiful, amazing, giving person.

there have been a lot of other things that have happened as well but, oh my goodness, if i put them all on here ...well i think your head may explode with all the information you read.

but as of now...i do solemnly swear (no i do not solemnly swear i am up to no good) that i will do much better to write and write and write in here.

i hope you all have been doing fabulously.

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